Wuthering Heights Wednesday

Wuthering Heights Wednesday is a read-a-long hosted by Fizzy Thoughts.

This is me, catching up with you all!

For this week, WHW is covering the last two chapters (13 and 14) of “volume 1”, and the first chapter of “volume 2”. I’m not going to summarize what’s happened, since some of you have already done that, and, frankly, I don’t really want to!


I will say this:

Why is there no one to like in this story? Or sympathize with? Or at least feel properly sorry for? At least there’s always something interesting going on, so I’m not bored reading. I just find myself constantly screaming at the characters, going “seriously? SERIOUSLY?!?”

This was also the book that my book club read before the first time I joined in, and when I mentioned the impression I had gotten, they also agreed that there’s no one to like in Wuthering Heights. How has a book with absolutely no likeable characters managed to become such a classic?

Anyone out there have a different impression?

5 thoughts on “Wuthering Heights Wednesday”

  1. Yup, I totally agree. And the fact that it’s a romance, too…that baffles me. I’d hate to be in any of those relationships!

  2. I know I’ve read the book but I really can’t remember the specifics. My roommate is currently reading it and has been remarking the exact same thing. Some of the more famous classics leave me that way, while some of the more obscure I end up loving. Odd how that happens!

  3. I find it really creepy when people call Heathcliff a great romantic lead and put him in the same category as Mr. Rochester and Mr. Darcy. Ick! Heathcliff is a sociopath!

  4. I think there is no one to like because the story is meant to tell of two star crossed lovers who are never meant to be. The sad part is the people that love them, but for the life of me I don’t see what they love about either one of them. Doom and gloom! Actually, I believe it is a character study into the morbid side of the human psyche and we can be extremely morbid and boring. I have not only read the book but watched the movie, the best was with Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon. They had the characters down pat, they seem to want to hurt one another and yet they wanted tolove one another as well. Seems like that is what mankind is a love and hate relationship. I could say more but this is enough. A sad book, however, I do not understand why one would keep reading it unless you are trying to find some good in the book, for there is none.

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