Wuthering Heights Wednesday, Take Five

Wuthering Heights Wednesday is a read-a-long hosted by Fizzy Thoughts.

This week, we’ve read up until the end of chapter 30 (or … some other chapter number if you’ve got an edition that’s split into two volumes).

I didn’t think that I could end up hating these characters any more than I already did, but apparently it was possible. The story just keeps getting more and more ridiculous, and harder and harder to believe. Why on earth has Zillah been acting like it’s Catherine the Second’s fault that she’s always in a bad mood? Did nobody tell her that Catherine was forced to marry Linton? Nelly and Zillah have obviously been talking, so why on earth wouldn’t she have explained that to her instead of just letting Zillah continue to hate Cathy?

I’m glad Linton’s dead, though. He was really grating on my nerves.

What on earth else could happen in the last three chapters? I hope they all die in a house fire or something.

8 thoughts on “Wuthering Heights Wednesday, Take Five”

    1. Definitely! Or even poison, or just leaving Linton out on the Moors overnight to die of exposure. It’s not like someone who will crawl into a grave when no one’s looking would likely have any qualms with hurrying their deaths along instead of waiting for them to happen slowly.

  1. You crack me up! I have never read Wuthering Heights…it’s one of those “classic” books that I just have never been able to read or get into. I did just recently read Jane Eyre which I consider to be kind of in the same category. I just love your post about these characters, it cracks me up. You are awesome to keep reading even though you aren’t liking the characters!!!

  2. I read Wuthering Heights a couple of months ago, and it was awful. I agree with you-I wanted them all dead and the book to be over. I hated every single one of them. Why is this book a classic???

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