Wuthering Heights Wednesday, Take 4

Wuthering Heights Wednesday is a read-a-long hosted by Fizzy Thoughts.

This week, we’ve read up until the end of chapter 27 (or … some other chapter number if you’ve got an edition that’s split into two volumes).

I’m really a bit surprised that Catherine and Mrs. Dean didn’t figure out from Linton’s behaviour that Heathcliff was going to try to force them to get married. It’s been pretty obvious for a couple chapters at this point that Linton was supposed to be keeping Catherine’s attention and getting her to like him, under threat of punishment from his father. They’re so oblivious all the time in this book!

About the actual marriage, though … how on earth could Edgar let his daughter and Nelly stay away for 5 days, only sending someone to find them once?! You would think that might set off some alarm bells for him, and he might at least send another set of servants to look for them, or perhaps call for someone from the town to come investigate.

I found this section of the book really slow, with lots of descriptions of Linton’s whining and sickliness. I really hope it starts to pick up again soon.

5 thoughts on “Wuthering Heights Wednesday, Take 4”

    1. At least she was firey and interesting, and often unpredictable! I’m still hoping that we’ll find out that, secretly, Catherine II is really the love-child of Catherine I and Heathcliff. That post-Linton/Catherine II-marriage revelation would be utterly fantastic and might make all this misery worth it for the sheer hilarity.

  1. Hey there! I come via the readalong.

    Great point about Edgar! I was so annoyed with everything going on that I didn’t even think about how unrealisitic it was that Edgar didn’t send someone to fetch Nelly and Cathy.

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