Wuthering Heights Wednesday, Take 3

Wuthering Heights Wednesday is a read-a-long hosted by Fizzy Thoughts.

This week, we’ve read up until the end of chapter 24 (or … some other chapter number if you’ve got an edition that’s split into two volumes).

Not a lot really seems to have happened in the last few chapters. Catherine and Linton were courting through letters, and then the narrator caught them and put it to an end. Then Heathcliff convinced Catherine that Linton was sick because of her (that she had made him feel as though she hated him), and so they visit again, and Catherine ends up sneaking out every day to continue to see him. What gets me, though, is that Catherine continues to feel obligated to visit with Linton even though he admits to her that he’s a peevish sort who constantly gets angry with people and blames them for things that aren’t their fault. She says herself that she only had maybe three happy visits with him, amongst a whole lot of bitter and sad ones, and yet she keeps going!

What is wrong with this girl?!?

As it stands now, Edgar has found out about Catherine’s sneaking around and has now banned her from going, with the stipulation that if Linton the Younger wants to see her, he should visit the Grange instead. But the boy is too “sickly” to get off his damn couch, so that’s not going to happen!

Ugh. I’m starting to see where this book is going, and I’m not liking it. You hear that, Emily Bronte? I’m not liking the miserable-ness of this story! Why does everyone have to be so damned unhappy and vengeful?

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  1. Hi Carina! I just saw a comment you left on Iris’ blog that said you were participating in this Wuthering Heights read-along… and I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I’m sorry I missed your previous posts… not sure if you’re on Jill’s list of links. Anyway, I’ll be sure to check back tomorrow for this week’s installment.

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