Wuthering Heights Wednesday, Take 2

Wuthering Heights Wednesday is a read-a-long hosted by Fizzy Thoughts.

This week, we’ve read up until the end of chapter 21 (or … some other chapter number if you’ve got an edition that’s split into two volumes?).

Yanno … I think that Emily Bronte’s mission in life is to make me hate every character in this book.

I don’t like Heathcliff or Linton. Mini-Linton (the child of Heathcliff and Isabella) is getting on my nerves with his whinging. Mini-Catherine is getting on my nerves with her sneakiness and spoiled-rotten-ness. And the servant lady telling the story is getting on my nerves for knowing that all this crappy stuff is going on and not telling anyone in order to stop it in its tracks!

Speaking of the whinging of weakling children, why are there so many people in this book who are simply described as constantly being sickly and weak and then they die? That’s not really how it works. So why do these characters just accept it as a given that some people are simply destined to be consumed by a random illness?

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