Wounded (Review)

March 26, 2018

Book cover for "Wounded" by Laurell K. Hamilton.Title: Wounded

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

Publication Year: 2016

Pages: 74

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Novella

Source: E-book version borrowed from the Toronto Public Library

From the cover:

Anita attends the wedding of her close friend but finds that even on the happiest of days there are wounds that need healing. She and the wereleopards Micah and Nathaniel are asked to talk to the bride’s thirteen-year-old brother, Tomas, who is struggling to recover from a recent gunshot wound. Depressed and demoralized, Tomas isn’t doing his physical therapy and could spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair…

How can Anita, Micah, and Nathaniel convince Tomas that he can heal when he’s given up? They tell him about their own scars and how they took back their own lives after they were wounded. And Anita will realize how lucky they are to have not only survived their pasts, but to now be able to make their own formal commitment to each other — and the vampire in her life…

(This is a novella in the Anita Blake series, after Guilty PleasuresThe Laughing CorpseCircus of the DamnedThe Lunatic CafeBloody BonesThe Killing DanceBurnt OfferingsBlue MoonObsidian ButterflyNarcissus in ChainsCerulean SinsIncubus DreamsMicah (novella), Danse MacabreThe HarlequinBlood NoirSkin TradeFlirt (novella), BulletHit ListBeauty (novella), Kiss the DeadAfflictionDancing (novella), Jason (novella), and Dead Ice.)



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