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June is Audiobook Month, and Jen over at Devourer of Books has decided to celebrate with her very own Audiobook Week! All of this week, I’m going to be joining in and posting about audiobooks, including reviews, daily topic discussions, and my own ideas about how we can use audiobooks in different ways throughout our daily lives.

Today’s topic is: When do you listen to audiobooks?

I listen to audiobooks pretty much any time that I’m not doing anything that requires my full attention, but where it’s not possible or convenient for me to pull out a print book. This includes situations like riding my bike, going grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, walking, checking emails, and talking to people on instant messengers. I also listen to audiobooks for a few minutes before I go to sleep each night, but this is a new habit; it’s very reminiscent of being read to as a child.

I avoid listening to audiobooks in obvious situations – like while spending face time with people, or working – as well as in certain other situations where I find it hard to follow to story, like when I’m reading blogs or writing posts. I particularly love to listen to audiobooks when I’m biking or running, because it gives me something to listen to that isn’t just mindlessly listening to music. I prefer there to be a story, as it takes me away a bit from thinking about how much time I’m spending just heading somewhere.

Today, I’m at school for my second last day of work, organizing and cleaning up my classroom, which doubles as the library. Here’s a picture of me listening to Her Fearful Symmetry while I futz around online for a bit. Once I’m done with this post, I’m going to go work on re-shelving books and going through all the paperwork that needs to be recycled or kept; for that, I’m going to put my iPhone on speaker so that I can listen to the story out loud, but that doesn’t make for as good of a picture!

How about you – where and when do you listen to audiobooks? Are they fairly standard, or do you read them in any interesting places or at any interesting times?

4 thoughts on “Time to listen”

  1. I tend to listen to audiobooks in the car. I tried at the gym and while cleaning, etc, but get too easily distracted. I’d love to be able to do it while grocery shopping though — that would make the time fly!

    Also, congrats on all your big dates coming up! The Book of Awesome is a great giveaway. I bought a copy, but then gave it to my sister as a graduation present instead 🙂

  2. your classroom IS THE LIBRARY??
    damn i am envious. how did i not pick up oin this before?


    regarding audio books, i typically only use them on long car rides. makes 10 hour trips sail by.
    i do not have the patience for them otherwise. i am not the best multi-tasker, so if i am doing more than driving, i find that i cannot concentrate on the book being read.

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