The Sunday Salon: Literacy Tests, Gelato, and Eight Kilometer Runs

This week was generally very slow and unexciting. I spent most of my time working and sleeping, to be honest. It was just one of those weeks, you know? After warming up quite a bit over the last few weeks, this weekend suddenly decided to be much more cold for the first couple days, so that didn’t help my mood at all. By the last couple days, it’s warmed up a bit again, though. I’m hoping it’ll stay that way.

At school, quite of my students wrote the standardized provincial literacy test on Thursday morning. I don’t really like the idea of the test, and the kids don’t benefit at all from it, so I wasn’t all too surprised (or upset) that only about 25 students showed up to write it out of the 75 or so that were eligible. We fed some great breakfast food to the ones who did show up, though, so that was something. And the teachers proceeded to have a meeting all afternoon about school-wide issues, getting something out of the way that we’ve been trying to get to for a while.

Later on Thursday, I went out with a friend to see a movie premiere at the beginning of the Images Festival. To be honest, I didn’t particularly like the film much – I hadn’t realized for some reason that Images is mostly an experimental film fest, and I don’t really like experimental films. But it was interesting enough, and it was nice to spend time with a friend I don’t really see much and meet a couple of her other friends. Plus … I got to have gelato for the first time in my life before the film! The movie theatre was in the middle of Little Italy, and there was a made-on-site gelato place across the street; somehow, it came up that I’d never had gelato before, so my friend basically said that I had to try some. I did, and it was super tasty! Definitely something that I’ll be having again.

Me after running an 8k. Don’t you just love my shirt?

Yesterday, I ran my first race of the season – also the first one since the fall. It was Harry’s Spring Run Off, and I did the 8 kilometer version. Since the race is in High Park, it’s basically 8 kilometers straight of hills with a bit of flat terrain in between. I did well, though – finished the race three minutes faster than I did two years ago when I last ran that race. That was a great finish for me, even though I struggled at times during the course and walked more than I had been planning to, so I’m happy. After the race, I jumped on the subway back downtown and met my roommate and her friend who’s staying over this weekend at Pickle Barrel, and we had lunch; I had some super tasty chicken chili from the “comfort food” menu. It was great!

And, finally, I started Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred today. I’ve heard some really great things about it, and I need something to help me kickstart my weight loss again. I’ve been stuck in a plateau for almost two months at this point, and I’d really like to get the scale moving in a downward direction again. So here’s to that!

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