The Sunday Salon: I’m back, I think.


I’ve been gone for ages.

Not just from The Sunday Salon. But from blogging altogether. First it felt like I’d only been gone a couple weeks, then a couple months, as I kept shifting the reviews I’d scheduled into my Google calendar back and back and back. Then I realized that it had been months. Lots of months. Basically since I moved to the Middle East, I’ve been posting only in little spurts – a few reviews here and there, maybe every day for a week or so, and then nothing.

So I’ve been making a concerted effort over the past few weeks to write more reviews. I’ve realized that I’m so far behind that, if I kept to a schedule of one review a day, I wouldn’t be caught up for months and months and months. So, instead, I’m clumping them – reviewing an entire series in a day or a week, rather than doing them one by one. Some of the reviews, by necessity, are kind of short and vague – I remember my general impressions of the books, but in some cases, it’s been so long since I actually read them that I don’t have much specific to say.

I’m hoping it will continue like this. I’m making a serious effort to get back into things. I forgot how much I like writing, and like the community of book readers that I inadvertently left behind when I stopped blogging regularly.

Also, I’m planning to move back home to Canada in January. I was originally going to be heading back in July, but I postponed it a bit. I’m looking forward to it, but also a bit apprehensive. It’s hard to make such drastic changes to your life, even when it’s changingĀ back to what you used to be used to. Really. It’s hard for me to think now about being in Canada full-time. So many things are different.

But my hope is that most of it will be for the good. I’m kind of just coasting right now, and I want to feel like my life has some meaning again. I’m taking baby steps to getting things back where I want them, but the big leap will be in a couple of months when I head back home. I miss my friends and family being around to support me, so I’m looking forward to that being more of a stable and regular thing in my life.

How’re you all doing? What have I missed that I definitely need to catch up on?

2 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: I’m back, I think.”

  1. I had to go back and read your “About” page to catch up with how you got over there and what you’re doing over there. Wow! It sounds like quite a journey. Have you ever thought of having a blog about that or writing about that? Even when you return? Just wondering. Not trying to pressure you.

    As for what you’ve missed, most of it is on Twitter and most of it you really haven’t missed. Little and big book blogging controversies here and there, but still for the most part, the same great book bloggers that were always there, if you know where to look…and The Sunday Salon is one good place to find many of them.

    1. I thought about it, but the rules in my contract were pretty strict about talking about work online. And since there’s only one public school system over here, it wouldn’t really be possible to shield that information. šŸ™ People at my work have been talking about how we should write a book about the experience afterwards, though. It’s been crazy.

      I caught some of them – mostly authors behaving badly – from the periphery, but mostly wasn’t really paying attention!

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