The Sunday Salon: Ch-ch-ch-changes!

Let me start out by saying that no, I’m not going on a blogging hiatus. <grin> I am preparing for some rather big changes, though. I’ve mentioned it on Twitter, but haven’t talked about it here yet.

I’m moving to the United Arab Emirates during the summer, to take a job teaching English in Abu Dhabi public high schools!

Oh yes, you heard read that correctly.

It’s been a bit crazy for the last few weeks around here, between attending HotDocs (which was great, but kept me from sleeping much), running a 10K (followed by seeing 4 films that day), getting all my paperwork together for the application, in-person interview, and contract signing for this job, starting to pack, helping my roommate look for new roommates, and looking for a new home for my kitties since my roommate will be unable to care for them when I leave.

If you’d like more details, you can take a look at my application timeline for the job (that link leads to my new blog, where I’ll be doing most of my talking about the move and my experiences once I get there). I’ll be posting really scary photos there of my decimated bookshelves within the next few days, which you might find interesting. If you’re in the Toronto area, or know people who are (and are willing to pass the link on), you also might be interested in taking a look at the Facebook event I’m spreading around to find potential new parents for Mona and Skittles.

Today has mostly been spent going through boxes of paperwork and old school books, figuring out what I can cull/recycle, and I’ve been sat the last few hours in a chair in my living room, using my roommate’s scanner to make digital copies of all sorts of teaching resources (and some of my old university schoolwork) so that I can take the files with me and recycle all the paper instead of putting in yet another box in storage.

Yes, I know you’re jealous. Hasn’t my day been exciting?

On an aside from all of that, I can’t believe how fast time has flown since March Break. I feel like I just got back from Mexico a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s suddenly the middle of May and my birthday, the end of the school year, and summer are coming up fast. Eep!

What are you all up to?

16 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Ch-ch-ch-changes!”

  1. What an exciting change and adventure! I’ve been to Abu Dhabi, but only for a few days. I think you’ll have a good time there. Is it a one-year appointment or an open-ended thing?

    I’m off to check out the other blog now.

  2. Wow! I’m glad for you! Congrats! I myself grew up in Dubai and have been to Abu Dhabi a few times. The decimated bookshelves sound scary!

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