The Huge TBR Read-A-Thon: Finishing Line!

From Monday to Sunday of this week, Kirsten over at Bookworming in the 21st Century is hosting The Huge TBR Readathon, in which a bunch of us crazy bloggers try to make a dent in our ginormous to-be-read piles.

Well … this definitely didn’t go quite as planned.

I still got lots of reading done, but didn’t finish a single book that was on my original list that I was planning to get to. Instead, I read I.D.: Stuff That Happens to Define Us, Purge, Planet Pregnancy, Drop-In, and The Lovely Bones (review to come on Tuesday as part of Audiobook Week). I did get a bit more of Wikinomics read as well, and also started reading Willow and Ten Things I Hate About Me.

That’s still good, even though it wasn’t what I had planned!

And, as I said at the beginning of the week … this was definitely a good chance for me to have a crack at my TBR pile. I’ve still got another week to go before the Summer Slimdown challenge that I’m hosting here starts (on June 29th). If you haven’t signed up for that yet – you should join us!

How did your week go?

9 thoughts on “The Huge TBR Read-A-Thon: Finishing Line!”

  1. you got quite a lot of reading done this past week! congrats on finishing all of those books.

    i think i might have to join the summer slimdown to get rid of this massive tbr pile. thanks for bringing my attention to it.

  2. Good job with your TBR I feel like mine didn’t get knocked down enough… but then again, it’d take me a few years before I could get through my books lol.

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