Thanks for Coming (Review)

Book cover for "Thanks for Coming" by Mara Altman.Title: Thanks for Coming: One Young Woman’s Quest for an Orgasm

Author: Mara Altman

Publication Year: 2009

Pages: 400

Genre: Memoir

Source: Purchased for myself

I have to admit, I wasn’t ready for the sheer honesty with which Altman tells her story.

Most books about people’s sexual adventures tend to skirt around the “good stuff”, toning down the vocabulary to the clinical rather than the vernacular, leaving all the actual sex to happen off-screen (or off-page, as it were) rather than in front of the reader. Because of this, I was rather pleasantly surprised when I dove into Thanks for Coming and felt almost as if I was in the reader’s shoes myself, seeing and feeling things as if I was sitting in her own body.

I didn’t always agree with what she was thinking, or what she thought she should do, or her opinions on people or situations – but the way she told her story kept me along for the ride anyways, acknowledging her point of view even when it ran against everything that I believe in. I was sad for her when things weren’t going well, and happy for her when things started to look up. I almost wanted to go and buy her a vibrator my own damn self a couple times, frustrated with her adamant refusals to actually follow the advice that so many people were giving her and use one of the damn things.

When it was over, I was happy that she had gotten her orgasm, but sad that she seems to have missed a lot of things along the way, things that would seem far more vital than some of the knowledge she did pick up. That’s me talking from my perspective and experience, but everyone lives their own lives, and I can understand where she was coming from along her journey regardless.

Definitely a thumbs-up for anyone who likes to read about journeys of sexual discovery, or for anyone who has (or has had) trouble with their own orgasms and sexual confidence.


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