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  1. Jen – Devourer of Books
    June 26, 2010

    I would certainly think that audiobooks would be helpful in the upper grades, after all it is pretty well accepted to use listening libraries in the primary grades where you listen and read along. Just don’t do the whole-class listen and read along thing, one of my English teachers Senior year did that and it was beyond boring. I did have a 6th grade teacher that had us listen to The Odyssey, though. She turned off all the lights and had us get comfortable, but I think that most of us stayed awake regardless.

  2. erisian23
    July 3, 2010

    i do not know how audiobooks would work. will have to ponder it.

    i agree with Jen. older grades could be difficult, especially if approached improperly.

    in earlier grades though, i had some great reading aloud experiences (the whole narnia series) with people following in their own books if desired..
    totaled about an hour a day.. 2 hours if we were at a good part and could talk Mr.Hurst into appeasing us.

    • Carina
      July 4, 2010

      We used to read aloud a lot in class, and it really bothered me because the voices would always change and often people didn’t read very well. Then I would read ahead, and would get in trouble for it. :-( I think that audiobooks might be a way to fix that in younger grades, but then you lose the reading aloud part, which isn’t entirely good. It might relieve some of the pressure in higher grades, though, when kids are embarrassed about their lack of reading skills.

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