The Immortal Rules (Review)
reviews / April 13, 2015

The Immortal Rules is not the usual kind of vampire book. First of all, Allison – the narrator – doesn’t start out as a vampire, and actually rather hates them. She becomes a vampire, but is filled with self-loathing for much of the first half of the book. There isn’t the romanticism towards vampires in this book that there is in so many other series. They’re not seen as something to aspire to, or something seductive. They’re just plain old scary.

Broken (Review)
reviews / December 16, 2014

For really the first time in a while, this book brings the werewolf pack back into the thick of things. But what I think Armstrong did really well was integrated the werewolves in with the other characters that have taken centre stage the last few books, bringing them together to sort things out as a group.

Blood Pact (Review)
reviews / November 28, 2014

I don’t normally like zombie stories, but on occasion I give them a shot anyways. In this case, I started reading Blood Pact without knowing that zombies would be involved. I would have read it anyways, though, since it’s part of a series that I was enjoying. And, as it turns out, there are some rather important things that happen in this book that you need to know in order to read the final book in the series, so … I guess too bad for you if you don’t like zombies.

The Dark and Hollow Places (Review)
reviews / November 19, 2014

I really loved this book as a conclusion to the series. Instead of getting almost all-new characters again, there’s a mix of “old” (known) and “new” (previously unseen) characters in The Dark and Hollow Places. I liked getting to see the personalities of Gabry, Catcher, and Elias get fleshed out, while at the same time getting to know a new character as complex and interesting as Annah.

The Dead-Tossed Waves (Review)
reviews / November 19, 2014

I think that I liked this book even more than The Forest of Hands and Teeth. I was a little confused at first by the change in narrator, but once I figured it out – and the connection between Gabry and Mary! – I loved it. It just … worked.