The Knot Complete Guide to Weddings: The Ultimate Source of Ideas, Advice, and Relief for the Bride and Groom the Those Who Love Them (Review)

This was probably the book that I used the most as a reference guide last year when I was trying to plan my wedding. It had the most concrete information, organized into clear categories/chapters and laid out in lists and simple formatting. Almost anything I could possibly need to know was there; it was a one-stop shop for wedding planning information and ideas.

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Planning Your Wedding Sucks: What to Do When Place Cards, Plus Ones, and Paying Two Grand for a Cake Make You Miserable (Review)

This book is more than just a guide to planning a wedding. Rather, it’s a tongue-in-cheek look at all the “must-haves” of a modern wedding, and of all the “traditions” that are supposedly so important.

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Plan the Perfect Wedding on a Small Budget (Review)

I wanted ideas on how to come up with a beautiful wedding that didn’t cost a fortune, and I hoped that this book would help me with that.

On that front, I have to say that this book was a bit of a disappointment, though not completely. It absolutely gave ideas as to how you could keep costs down, and these information sections were lovely and helpful.

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