Dark Places (Review)

I totally and absolutely loved this book.

As is the case in Flynn’s other books (Gone Girl and Sharp Objects), the premise of Dark Places is, well … dark. And the narrator, Libby, isn’t exactly sympathic. As a reader, I actually felt kind of guilty that I didn’t sympathize with Libby more.

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Sharp Objects (Review)

This is definitely my favourite of Flynn’s novels. Gone Girl was the first one I read – like most people, when it hit the blogs and I couldn’t seem to escape it any longer – but, in the end, I liked both Sharp Objects and Dark Places better.

Maybe it’s because Camille reminded me a bit of myself as a teenager, or maybe it was because the story focused had a strong female narrator. Camille isn’t always strong, but even in her weakness, she’s more relatable than Nick in Gone Girl.

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The Bite of the Mango (Review)

A few years ago, during my first year of teaching, Mariatu Kamara came to speak at my school. For some reason that I don’t remember (maybe I was teaching that period?) I didn’t get to attend the talk. Having finally read her book, I wish that had gone differently.

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Push (Review)

Push absolutely sucked me in from the first sentence. The way that Precious just lays everything out there right from the beginning was enthralling and horrifying at the same time; I couldn’t even begin to fathom the anguish that the character had gone through before the point where the book picks up.

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