Borderline (Review)

I originally wanted to read this book because it seemed to be one of the few YA novels that has a Muslim protagonist, and one of the even fewer YA novels that has a male Muslim protagonist. (I mean, I’m sure there are more, but this is one of the first that I’ve heard of.)

Then I started reading about how many awards this book has won over the past year. And you know what? They are entirely deserved.

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Pre-Release Review: Grace

This was definitely a good first book of hers to read, because it absolutely blew my socks off. I pretty much finished it all in one sitting, not just because it’s a YA novel and fairly short, but because I really wanted to find out what on earth had happened to bring these two characters together, and what was going to happen to them in the end.

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Almost Dead (Review)

Croc’s story is told in alternating chapters; the remaining chapters are narrated by Fahmi Sabich, a Palestinian who is in a coma in the hospital, and whose life has become intertwined with Croc’s throughout the story. In this way, Gavron has given the reader two very different perspectives on the conflict in Israel and occupied Palestine, letting us sympathize with both Croc and Fahmi. Both are generally presented in a neutral light, allowed to tell their own stories.

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