The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (Review)

I finally succumbed to reading the Twilight Saga back in December, right when I started this blog. I enjoyed reading them, even though the writing was bad and there were SO. MANY. THINGS. WRONG. WITH. THE. CHARACTERS. It was actually part of the fun, I think, to yell out random quotes to my roommate as I read the books in bed.

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Breaking Dawn (Review)

I had known even before I read the series that the last book, Breaking Dawn, had caused a whole lot of controversy among the Twilight fans, though I hadn’t really known why. Now that I’ve finished reading them, I decided to go looking to find out why people disliked it; here’s a really good summary of most of the major “problems” that some readers have with Meyer’s ending to the story.

Honestly? I rather liked it.

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