With All My Soul (Review)
reviews / November 12, 2014

Everything comes to a head in this book. All the drama, the conflict with the hellions, and the relationships between the characters come together to make it a rather action-packed finale to the series. I was actually rather impressed. I’ve read a lot of YA series where the final novel is a bit of a disappointment: they’re too slow, too predictable, or just don’t feel satisfying for one reason or another.

Before I Wake (Review)
reviews / November 12, 2014

Can I start this out by saying … I love Kaylee and Todd together! The relationship between Kaylee and Nash had gotten so strained after the whole hiding-his-addiction-to-Demon’s-breath thing that I had been hoping things would end up over between them. I think that for me, the Todd/Kaylee and Nash/Sabine couplings work much better. They just seem to fit more, and once Nash eventually calms down, I think that they see it, too. It’s one of those rare times when I think that the love triangle thing actually worked out well in a YA series, though I’m a little annoyed that it seems to imply that everyone needs to be in a relationship to be happy and whole.

Never to Sleep (Review)
reviews / November 12, 2014

I didn’t really love this book. I think it’s because of the narrator – I was so used to Kaylee as a narrator that anybody else is just a weird, jarring change. Especially if it’s Sophie. I don’t particularly like Sophie, and that only changed a little bit by reading this novella.

If I Die (Review)
reviews / November 12, 2014

In this book, Sabine and Kaylee manage to start working together, which was a nice change. It allowed their relationship to move forward, and for the conflict to move on a bit from their love triangle (though still keeping it just close enough at hand to revive it if needed). It allowed for a neat little balancing act between the three of them that kept emotions high throughout the book.

My Soul to Steal (Review)
reviews / November 11, 2014

Time to introduce the love triangle.

I mean, it had to be coming, right? What YA series these days is complete without some kind of love triangle? Usually, I find this device rather annoying. It’s just an attempt to try to force some activity or suspense into the book. But in the case of My Soul to Steal, I think it’s actually done well.