Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour (Review)

This was probably my favourite volume of the series, and I’m glad that I made it through to the end.

Illustrating the name of the volume, this really was Scott’s finest hour, even though it didn’t start out that way. Now that Ramona has left him and he’s living on his own, Scott finally has to deal with “real life” things and not just fighting off Ramona’s exes.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe (Review)

This volume is continuing with the trend of the last two, as the series matures and is coming closer to its end.

Scott has to deal with Ramona’s evil ex-boyfriend twins, as well as a very moody girlfriend of his own. Also, Knives has decided that it’s time to tell Ramona about how Scott was still dating her when they met and got together. This complicates things even further – and finally the problems that Scott is facing are slightly more adult in nature instead of just the fighting sequences and joblessness that has plagued him thus far.

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Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together (Review)

The title of this volume is accurately named: Scott is really starting to get his life together in this one.

Up until this point, Scott has been unemployed, living in an apartment with his gay roommate Wallace (who pays the rent), sharing a futon on the living room floor, and basically living off of Wallace’s charity. In this volume, Scott finally starts to “get it” that he needs to get his butt in gear if he wants to keep Ramona as his girlfriend.

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Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness (Review)

I think that this is where O’Malley’s series actually starts to pick up a bit.

There are still a lot of things going on that are rather strange in Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness, but there’s more context and they seem to fit better. The video game feeling is still there – in fact, is emphasized in some places with very D&D-like “level ups” – but it just works better with the tone of the novel this time around.

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Review)

Well, so far, not really getting much better.

This volume starts with a sequence from Scott’s past, when he was in high school. I was hoping that this would explain a bit about his fighting skills, but it didn’t really – the sequence was actually kind of confusing and, while it clarified how Scott had met one of his band members, it really didn’t clear up anything else about the story. Later, we met the second of Ramona’s evil ex-boyfriends; the whole fight sequence was ridiculously video game-y, which just felt weird instead of giving the story more of a unique character.

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