Breath (Review)
reviews / December 12, 2014

This book felt a bit different than the other three. Okay, actually, it felt a lot different. For starters, the “problem” that the main character/narrator was having wasn’t obvious right from the beginning like in the others. In fact, it took almost until the very end of the book until we realize exactly what’s going on with him. Plus, he’s not being tapped to become one of the Riders, so it’s a much different dynamic between him and Death than the narrators of the other books.

Loss (Review)
reviews / December 12, 2014

I was really looking forward to reading this book. Back when I read the first two, they were brand new. I never finished the series because I moved overseas and wasn’t getting review copies anymore, so I forgot all about it. But then when I remembered, and realized that the series had been completed, I snapped up copies of the final two books!

Pre-Release Review: Rage
reviews / October 18, 2010

Just like in the previous book, I absolutely loved the concept behind the series. Real life teenagers ending up as the Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Freaking awesome! It’s a whole new way to approach “issue” novels without seeming overly preachy or glossing over the scary bits.

Pre-Release Review: Hunger
reviews / July 23, 2010

This one actually rather surprised me.

Lisabeth, the main character and narrator of Hunger, has a serious problem with food: she’s anorexic and in denial. Well, sort of. She recognizes that she has a problem with food, but only to herself.