The Ruby Circle (Review)
reviews / March 26, 2015

I was really looking forward to reading this book and seeing how everything worked out in the end, but at the same time, I didn’t want it to end. Pretty much the way I felt at the end of the original Vampire Academy series as well. But I’m still holding out hope that perhaps there will be more stories in the future.

Silver Shadows (Review)
reviews / November 21, 2014

Reading this book was seriously intense. It was like all the bad things that could possibly happen to Adrian and Sydney did happen. It was actually rather painful to read, particularly the bits in the beginning where Sydney is basically imprisoned and is not even allowed her own clothes.

The Fiery Heart (Review)
reviews / November 21, 2014

By the beginning of this book, I’d really gotten to like Sydney. And I really like her and Adrian together. So it was a bit sad to see her having to hide their relationship when her sister showed up, and even more sad to see the way that Zoe has been completely brainwashed by the Alchemists. I mean, I know that Sydney was sort of like that the first time she came up in Blood Promise, but she never felt as hardline as Zoe comes across in The Fiery Heart. And her father? Oh, man. I was cringing every time he was onscreen during this book.

The Indigo Spell (Review)
reviews / November 21, 2014

I was really excited for this book, for the things that were coming up for Sydney. I love the angle of the relationship between her and Adrian, and I love even more the way that she seems to be able to learn magic. It’s interesting to watch her struggle with whether she should or not, but I’m loving the storyline just as it is.

The Golden Lily (Review)
reviews / November 21, 2014

I really liked the direction that the series took with this book. For starters, I enjoyed getting to see a bit more of the Alchemist structure, when Sydney went to one of the centres to attend services. Also, though, I was a bit shocked – but in a good way! – when Sydney started studying magic. It was unexpected, and started to shift her opinions on so many things.