Fifty Shades Freed (Review)
reviews / January 28, 2013

I read this book because I felt like I should just finish out the series. To be honest, though, it got even less impressive than the events of Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker were. (Fair warning: there will be spoilers below. Don’t read on if you’ve somehow managed not to find out what happens until now.)

Fifty Shades Darker (Review)
reviews / December 28, 2012

Seriously? I can’t believe this stuff continues. (And I’m not going to be as careful about “spoilers” from here on out, so skip past this if you’re worried about those and will be upset by reading them.)

Fifty Shades of Grey (Review)
reviews / December 17, 2012

I’m going to start out by saying: my inability to just sit my ass down and write the reviews of this series are why I haven’t blogged in the past month. I keep pushing off my blogging schedule by another week, because I refused not to review these books … but I also couldn’t make myself sit down and write them. So I apologize in advance if they’re a bit disjointed and substandard as reviews, but I just need to dive in and get them over with.