After Obsession (Review)

Let’s start with the positive. I loved the alternating narrators, switching off between Aimee and Alan’s points of view. It was cool to get inside both of their heads and see the events of the story from more than one perspective, especially since so much of the conflict is internal. I also really liked the concept of the story, the attention to detail in the background of the setup – like the pieces about Aimee’s mother – and the inclusion of Native American culture. It’s really rare for YA books to include any kind of diversity, and this wasn’t just a token mention: Alan’s spirituality is a key element in After Obsession.

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Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape (Review)

If I wasn’t already skeptical about Scientology when I started reading this book, it would have completely won me over.

Beyond Belief is a terrifying story about how an organized religion in modern-day America can get away with all kinds of crazy things. I spent the vast majority of my time listening to this book completely outraged.

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The Spider (Review)

The Spider gives readers of the series a chance to see Gin, Finn, and Fletcher in a much earlier time in their lives, in more depth than the dreams and flashbacks that Gin normally has. It was really cool for me to get to see an early job of Gin’s, and to really get to know how she developed into the character that we met back in Spider’s Bite.

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