The Immortal Rules (Review)
reviews / April 13, 2015

The Immortal Rules is not the usual kind of vampire book. First of all, Allison – the narrator – doesn’t start out as a vampire, and actually rather hates them. She becomes a vampire, but is filled with self-loathing for much of the first half of the book. There isn’t the romanticism towards vampires in this book that there is in so many other series. They’re not seen as something to aspire to, or something seductive. They’re just plain old scary.

MaddAddam (Review)
reviews / January 5, 2015

The dark humour and attention to detail that Atwood is known for is definitely one of the strong points of this book. It just made the crazy things happening seem more realistic. Really, it’s one of the best dystopias I’ve ever read, and I do love them, so that’s saying a lot.

Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation (Review)
reviews / December 22, 2014

What I like most about Pollan’s writing is that he works off the assumption that people generally want to know more about food. We might not want to be gourmet chefs anytime soon, but as a reader of his books, obviously I’m interested in learning more about what we as a society put into our bodies, and what place food and cooking serves in our lives.

Blood Pact (Review)
reviews / November 28, 2014

I don’t normally like zombie stories, but on occasion I give them a shot anyways. In this case, I started reading Blood Pact without knowing that zombies would be involved. I would have read it anyways, though, since it’s part of a series that I was enjoying. And, as it turns out, there are some rather important things that happen in this book that you need to know in order to read the final book in the series, so … I guess too bad for you if you don’t like zombies.