The Satanic Verses (Review)
reviews / August 7, 2013

I hated this book. I wanted to like it; my mother gave me her old copy a few years ago for Christmas, it was packed into a box when I moved to Abu Dhabi, and then I chose to pick up the audiobook version a few months back so that I could read it without waiting until I move home and unpacked it.

And then it was awful!

Like Water for Chocolate: A Novel in Monthly Installments with Recipes, Romances, and Home Remedies (Review)
reviews / October 16, 2012

The only reason I read this book is because my book club was going to be talking about it in September. It had never really been on my radar, though apparently it’s quite popular and was even made into a movie (which watched with a couple friends after the night we talked about it at book club). And let me tell you – I will never get back the time I wasted reading it.

Yuppie Muslim (Review)
reviews / July 26, 2012

Unfortunately, the follow-through of Yuppie Muslim was extremely lacking. For starters, the book was in serious need of an editor: there are hundreds of grammatical and punctuation mistakes (lots of which actually interfere with meaning enough to jolt you out of the reading flow), important names, phrases, and acronyms are frequently misspelled, even within one paragraph, and there is an excessive use of capital letters used on regular nouns.