Chaotic (Review)
reviews / December 16, 2014

I really wish I had read this before I went ahead in the series and read Personal Demon.

Loss (Review)
reviews / December 12, 2014

I was really looking forward to reading this book. Back when I read the first two, they were brand new. I never finished the series because I moved overseas and wasn’t getting review copies anymore, so I forgot all about it. But then when I remembered, and realized that the series had been completed, I snapped up copies of the final two books!

Crimson Frost (Review)
reviews / December 10, 2014

I think that this book kind of re-sold me on the series. I was starting to get a bit annoyed with Gwen always being stupid and having to be saved by others, and everything being so predictable, and Crimson Frost finally addressed some of those concerns for me. It still wasn’t the most original and unexpected thing I’ve ever read, but it was at least better than the last few books.