The Beauty of Humanity Movement (TLC Tour Review)
reviews / March 17, 2011

While the author of this book isn’t Vietnamese, she does have a background in anthropology, which really seems to have helped her write this novel. I was hoping to read about modern-day Vietnam in The Beauty of Humanity Movement, from the perspective of an “insider”, and that’s definitely the experience that Gibb produced.

Moonface (TLC Tour Review)
reviews / February 15, 2011

I think that I was a little misled by the cover copy on this book. Perhaps that’s why I shouldn’t put so much stock in the specifics of cover text – I end up confusing myself.

Pre-Release Review: Rage
reviews / October 18, 2010

Just like in the previous book, I absolutely loved the concept behind the series. Real life teenagers ending up as the Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Freaking awesome! It’s a whole new way to approach “issue” novels without seeming overly preachy or glossing over the scary bits.