Torment (Review)
reviews / January 9, 2015

After the first book, I feel like this one was a big improvement. A lot of my issues with Fallen were addressed to some degree in Torment, though not necessarily in the way that I might’ve liked.

Venom (Review)
reviews / December 29, 2014

I was afraid that the books after Gin retires from being an assassin might take on a more everyday-woman tone with just a splash of violence, but I shouldn’t have worried. Venom continues the series in gory wonderfulness as Gin continues to become a vigilante who takes care of her friends and other people she comes across, taking out the bad guys that everyone else is afraid to touch.

Web of Lies (Review)
reviews / December 29, 2014

One of the things I really enjoy about this series is the world-building (or should I call it city-building?) that Estep has done. There’s a well laid out power structure in Ashland that was set up in the previous book, but that really starts to become more important in this one.

Spider’s Bite (Review)
reviews / December 29, 2014

Months back, I really enjoyed reading Estep’s Mythos Academy series. I liked her writing and the way she built her characters, which for me is an important aspect for a series. I generally like the characters enough to want to see more of them, rather than being more interested in the plot or anything else.