Living With the Dead (Review)
reviews / December 17, 2014

I had trouble with this book in the beginning. The story is told from multiple points of view – Robyn, Adele, Hope, and Finn – and three of those narrators are characters that are new to the series. Because of that, I had a bit of trouble empathizing with any of them in the beginning besides Hope (and, through her eyes, Karl). Everyone else was just … there.

Personal Demon (Review)
reviews / December 17, 2014

I hadn’t really loved the half-demon characters in the series so far, but Hope turns out to be the exception. I wish I had read Chaotic before I read this one – I kind of skipped the novella by accident – so make sure you do that first if you’re going to read Personal Demon. So many things will make more sense to you than they did to me.

Blood Noir (Review)
reviews / December 4, 2014

I think the highlight of this book, for me, was the time that Anita (and thus the reader) got to spend with Jason. I just find him a very likeable character, and his one-liners are especially hilarious.

Need (Review)
reviews / November 14, 2014

I totally fell in love with Zara right from the first page. She’s a little neurotic, always repeating the words for phobias to herself, and a lot depressed over the death of her stepfather. All that did was endear me to her.

Ink Exchange (Review)
reviews / November 6, 2014

At first, I wasn’t too sure how I felt about Leslie and Irial narrating parts of this book, but they grew on me rather quickly. In particular, I felt like Marr did a really great job of making the reader feel Leslie’s pain and frustration, and I could really sympathize with her wanting to find a way to empower herself with the tattoo and change her life.