Shattered Dreams: My Life as a Polygamist’s Wife (Review)

Listening to this book was painful.

Not because it was poorly written, or because the narration was bad. Not at all. It was painful because I just wanted to shake the author and everyone around her throughout pretty much the entire story. It was like watching a disaster happen and not being able to stop it.

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No Humans Involved (Review)

The first time that Jaime appeared in an earlier book, I wasn’t sure how I felt about her. She was a bit ditzy, and seemed to use her supernatural powers mostly to make money. But by the time I got to this book, I’d started to sort of like her.

No Humans Involved was probably the book in the series that I found the creepiest so far.

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The Harlequin (Review)

Honestly, this was probably one of my least favourite books in the series.

I liked the idea of the Harlequin, the pseudo-secret police force of the vampires, and could even follow along with them going rogue and trying to take over St. Louis. But there was just too much unexplainable magic – on both sides – for me to be able to take in.

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Wicked Lovely (Review)

My last year of teaching in Canada, one of my students asked if I had read any Melissa Marr. I had heard of her, but didn’t even know what kind of books she wrote. I told him I would look into it, and then promptly forgot.

So when I got more into reading YA fantasy series this year, and found the Wicked Lovely books in my library’s online collection, I had to pick them up. And after reading the Iron Fey series, I had already realized that I liked books about the fae more than I had thought I would. So I went into this series with fairly high hopes.

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