Industrial Magic (Review)
reviews / December 15, 2014

For the first time in the series, the Cabals play a rather large part in this book. It was interesting to see the interactions between Lucas, his siblings, and especially his father, as it really fleshes out Lucas’ character. I liked him before Industrial Magic, but I really loved him afterwards.

Dime Store Magic (Review)
reviews / December 15, 2014

At first, I wasn’t sure how much I would like this book. It’s the first one in the series that isn’t narrated by Elena, and I had grown rather attached to her. Plus, there’s no werewolves! It’s more about magic and family drama than anything else.

Incubus Dreams (Review)
reviews / December 3, 2014

I really rather liked this novel. There was a lot going on, including a really great police case – vampire serial killings – to be solved. There’s also some rather interesting conversations that happen concerning Anita’s love/sex life, which lead to an interesting dynamic going forward.

Body Double (Review)
reviews / October 14, 2014

To be honest, this was my least favourite book of the series so far. While I enjoyed the extensive focus on Isles and her backstory, I just felt like everything was too far-fetched and unbelievable. I can see why they would change her story so much for the television series – not only is Isles’ history in the book a bit too dark for the kind of show it is, but I think it would just fall flat as too much make-believe.

Dead to the World (Review)
reviews / January 31, 2014

Dead to the World is one of my favourites in this series. Perhaps it’s because I have a soft spot for Eric. There’s just something about him that draws me in. He’s tall, handsome, mysterious … and somehow not as clingy as Bill, even though he shows just as much interest in Sookie. And this book is where things seem to fall together: when Eric is out of it, he’s even more of a sweetheart than the rest of the time, and he’s depending on Sookie.