A Caress of Twilight (Review)
reviews / January 14, 2015

One thing that’s done really well in this book is the character development. We really get to know Meredith and her guards/lovers a lot better, particularly Rhys, Frost, and Doyle. I felt like it was getting into more of the meat of the story, rather than the last book that needed to include a lot more world-building.

Stolen (Review)
reviews / December 15, 2014

I really liked this book, because it combined my favourite things about the first one in the series with new characters and situations. I was really rather taken with the “new” Elena – the smart-mouthed, fiesty one – and was really happy to see more of her in Stolen now that she’s decided to stick with the Pack.

The Apprentice (Review)
reviews / October 14, 2014

Even though this book is really a continuation of the storyline of the first in the series, it was still equally as entertaining. I loved the opportunity to get deeper into the characters without the distraction of a completely new case.

The Surgeon (Review)
reviews / March 31, 2014

I would never have heard of this series if it weren’t for the television show Rizzoli & Isles. So sometimes tv can be a good thing, right?

Living Dead in Dallas (Review)
reviews / January 29, 2014

Just like Dead Until Dark, the second season of the HBO series follows along quite faithfully with Living Dead in Dallas … at least in the basics. This is where the book series and the television series slowly start to diverge, until a few books from now, they’re almost completely different.