Bitten (Review)
reviews / December 15, 2014

As a Canadian, I’ve obviously heard lots about Armstrong’s books before. Lots of my friends read and love her work, and have been telling me for years that I should give them a try.

I read the books in her YA trilogies (Darkest Powers and Darkness Rising) based in the same world as the Women of the Otherworld series a few months back, and I was really looking forward to starting this book. Once I did, I was sad that I’d waited so long to get around to it.

Narcissus in Chains (Review)
reviews / December 2, 2014

At the beginning of the book, I started to get really excited. It seemed like the whole Anita/Richard/Jean-Claude thing was finally getting itself sorted out. And then … everything got really, really complicated.

Dead Until Dark (Review)
reviews / January 28, 2014

I started reading this series during the summer, after finally starting to watch True Blood in an organized fashion. I had seen a handful of episodes before in re-runs, in no particular order, but really didn’t know what the deal was. So I decided that I would catch up on both the books and the series, and over a couple weeks, did just that.

Empress of the World (Review)
reviews / October 28, 2012

What I liked most about the book: the characters. They all had something a bit quirky about them, particularly Katrina, who made me laugh. I loved that they were both sure and unsure of themselves – more of a reflection of the real teenagers I’ve known than of most teenagers in books that I’ve read.

American Gods (Review)
reviews / July 19, 2012

I cannot believe that I waited so long to read a Gaiman book.


Back when I finished reading American Gods and posted on Twitter about that fact, I got a barrage of messages from people – both “real life” friends and online acquaintances – who were basically in shock that I’d never done so. And I have to say, I kind of understand why.