Jason (Review)
reviews / December 5, 2014

Soooo … just a heads up. This (long) novella is purely erotica. There is no mystery, no case to solve, no anything like that.

Affliction (Review)
reviews / December 5, 2014

By this point in the series, Affliction was a welcome shift back to a primarily action-based novel. There is a great deal going on in this series, and the introduction of this “other” kind of zombie was another addition, but a welcome one. It was nice to see Anita and her guys in fighting mode for such a prolonged period of time in this book. It had almost gotten to the point where this had taken such a backseat to the romance that it felt like a revival to see it again.

Kiss the Dead (Review)
reviews / December 5, 2014

To be honest, I mostly could’ve done without this book. Asher spent most of it being a whiny baby, with everyone else trying to tiptoe around his feelings until finally they had just had enough. There was just too much relationship drama going on for me.

Hit List (Review)
reviews / December 4, 2014

Of all the things that I’ve read about in the novels, Marmee Noir is probably the worst of the villains. I really, really don’t like her. And, to be honest, I’m not a big fan of the weretigers, either – though not in a they’re-the-bad-guys kind of way. I simply don’t like how they seem to be taking over the story.