Release Day Review – We All Fall Down: Living with Addiction
reviews / April 5, 2011

In this memoir, we really get to learn more about Sheff’s inner workings in terms of his addictions in general – to drugs, yes, but also to alcohol, relationships, sex, and attention. Even though Nic doesn’t exactly stay “sober” for the entirety of We All Fall Down, he isn’t usually high, either, not at all like he was in Tweak.

Tweak: Growing Up On Methamphetamines (Review)
reviews / April 4, 2011

As intense as David Sheff’s story was, Nic’s blows that out of the water. He tells his drug use like it really is, not just glazing over the terrifying parts. The life story that he depicts in Tweak is not just scary – it’s often horrifying.