Last Chance (Review)
reviews / April 20, 2010

After reading You Can Run and realizing that it wasn’t the first book in the series, I wanted to go back and read Last Chance as soon as I could, so that the story and characters were still fresh in my mind. This was definitely a good thing, since this book definitely cleared up some of the ambiguities and vague references that sort of confused me in the next one. This was good.

You Can Run (Review)
reviews / April 19, 2010

I realized, too late, that this is actually the second book of the Robyn Hunter series. I’m going to go back now and read Last Chance, which actually comes first.

With that start, I’m going to go on to say that this book was … okay.

The Deep End Gang (Review)
reviews / April 13, 2010

I planned to read this book during the 24 Hour Read-A-Thon, but never got to it. Normally, I wouldn’t have chosen it even as a YA book to read, but it seemed simple and short and I thought that it was a good pick for late-night reading.

Memory Book (Review)
reviews / March 1, 2010

Memory Book is somewhat based on the author’s experience, as a companion piece to his memoir The Man Who Forgot How To Read. I think this was a large part of the reason why I found the storyline interesting, in addition to my love of almost all stories that take place in Toronto.