December Round-Up

This month has been the anomaly of the year. I only finished reading four books, and rarely blogged more than once or twice a week. I did, however, get a chance to post about the Montreal Massacre on December 6th, and also to post a very cute holiday picture of my cat. Here are some […]

November Round-Up

This month was a bit crazy in terms of my “real life”, but blogging was rather calmer. I finished off my teaching placement in the first two weeks of November, and then the person whose maternity leave I was covering returned. Right the next morning, I was on a flight out to Vancouver to visit […]

October Round-Up

This month was a lot calmer than the last, but still managed to be host to both the 24 Hour Read-A-Thon and the Halloween Read-A-Thon. I also participated in a couple read-a-longs (The Princess Bride and Madame Bovary), and guest posted about the Book Read ‘Round the World event over at Little Bookish. Other than […]

September Round-Up

September is always a little crazy in my life, given that I’m a teacher and all. This month seems to have been more of the same in some ways, and yet a bit more relaxed in others. Ramadan (the religious month as well as the event I held) ended about a week and a half […]

August Round-Up

This month has been completely crazy, between Ramadan (the month as well as the event I’m currently holding), job hunting, and my partner getting hired by a company across the country from me and getting ready to leave this weekend. I thought that my reading would suffer, but instead, I seem to have gotten some […]

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