The Gathering (Review)
reviews / November 3, 2014

When I first picked up this book, I was kind of frustrated that Darkness Rising was a “new” trilogy with new characters, rather than connecting more fully with the Darkest Powers series. Once I got to know the characters, though, it was kind of a nice change of pace. The world-building was still the same, and there were similarities, but the new characters were just as interesting to me, in different ways.

The Reckoning (Review)
reviews / October 30, 2014

The beginning of this book follows in the tradition of the rest of the series: action-packed and full of the promise of a great escape. Intrigue and betrayal, harrowing near-captures and daring rescues. About halfway through, though, the pace just … shifts.

The Awakening (Review)
reviews / October 30, 2014

After the character and plot revelations of the last book, this one was quite different. It was way more action-packed and focused on the escape attempt – and, obviously, capture attempts – than the previous book.

The Summoning (Review)
reviews / October 30, 2014

I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy lately, but Darkest Powers is the first series that I’ve picked up that had anything to do with ghosts. It’s not usually something I’m all that interested in, but I’ve heard lots of positive things about Armstrong’s books over the years, and I figured I’d give them a shot.

The Word On The Street: Toronto 2010
events , thoughts / September 29, 2010

This past Sunday, I went to The Word On the Street for the first time, in Toronto. I had myself a full schedule worked out so that I could hear a lot of interesting authors read in some and learn interesting and helpful bits in others. In the end, I didn’t make it to everything that I had planned on getting to, but I still managed to see, hear, and learn quite a bit, and am definitely looking forward to going again next year! I had a little mishap with my bank over the weekend, which meant that I had absolutely no access to money for this event; one good thing about this meant that I didn’t buy a single book, which would have been a very sad thing to do right near the end of September’s book buying ban! I also somehow managed to forget to charge my camera batteries, so the first batch of photographs are great, but after that I had to switch to my iPhone, which means that the later photographs are much poorer in quality (particularly in terms of inability to zoom in). Throughout this post, you can see any of the photos at full-size…