Living With the Dead (Review)

I had trouble with this book in the beginning. The story is told from multiple points of view – Robyn, Adele, Hope, and Finn – and three of those narrators are characters that are new to the series. Because of that, I had a bit of trouble empathizing with any of them in the beginning besides Hope (and, through her eyes, Karl). Everyone else was just … there.

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Frostbitten (Review)

I was really excited to get back to Elena as a narrator in this novel. I’ve actually come to really like the other narrators in the series – particularly Eve and Hope – but there’s something about Elena and the werewolves that I’ve missed.

Frostbitten is a mix of a lot of things: part mystery, part Shifter mythology, part Pack politics, and part personal struggle.

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Personal Demon (Review)

I hadn’t really loved the half-demon characters in the series so far, but Hope turns out to be the exception. I wish I had read Chaotic before I read this one – I kind of skipped the novella by accident – so make sure you do that first if you’re going to read Personal Demon. So many things will make more sense to you than they did to me.

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