The Immortal Rules (Review)
reviews / April 13, 2015

The Immortal Rules is not the usual kind of vampire book. First of all, Allison – the narrator – doesn’t start out as a vampire, and actually rather hates them. She becomes a vampire, but is filled with self-loathing for much of the first half of the book. There isn’t the romanticism towards vampires in this book that there is in so many other series. They’re not seen as something to aspire to, or something seductive. They’re just plain old scary.

The Iron Traitor (Review)
reviews / October 29, 2014

By the time I got to this book, I found that I was enjoying the character of Ethan and Kierran more than I had been in the beginning. Maybe it’s because they were fleshed out a bit more, and their motivations and actions became more clear and thought out.

The Lost Prince (Review)
reviews / October 29, 2014

I will admit right from the outset that I didn’t really like Ethan taking over as the main narrator of the series. I found him kind of whiny and overly paranoid. I know that there are definite reasons for his character to be presented this way, but I just didn’t like him as a character/narrator as much as I liked Meghan.

Iron’s Prophecy (Review)
reviews / October 29, 2014

I liked the earlier novellas in this series, because they were fun and interesting but didn’t have to be read in order to understand what was happening. Iron’s Prophecy, though, is different. Not only does it actually include important events for the series, but it’s actually integral to understanding the coming events.

The Iron Knight (Review)
reviews / October 28, 2014

I think that this was my favourite book of the series so far. Not that I don’t find Meghan’s story interesting – I do – but there’s something about a boy going to the ends of the earth to make things work with a girl that breaks the mould of most YA narratives just enough to interest me.