Embroideries (Review)
reviews / October 28, 2010

Just as I have been each time that I’ve read Persepolis, I was impressed yet again by Satrapi’s storytelling ability. In Embroideries, she introduces the reader to a variety of women all in one room together. The reader gets to see not only the individual personalities of these women, but also the ways in which they interact.

Persepolis (Review)
reviews / May 4, 2010

I adore this book. The way that Satrapi has chosen to tell her story is such that you actually feel, in the beginning, as though you are witnessing the life of a child, even though she is recounting it in retrospect years later.

Prisoner of Tehran (Review)
reviews / February 5, 2010

For the most part, I enjoyed the way that Nemat told her story, especially how she details the way she felt at different points in her life and this experience, and how things changed for her over time. Many of the hardships that she endured were re-told in such a way that you almost felt like you were there with her, inside her skin, experiencing the Islamic Revolution for yourself. You could feel the fear and uncertainty.