No Humans Involved (Review)

The first time that Jaime appeared in an earlier book, I wasn’t sure how I felt about her. She was a bit ditzy, and seemed to use her supernatural powers mostly to make money. But by the time I got to this book, I’d started to sort of like her.

No Humans Involved was probably the book in the series that I found the creepiest so far.

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Haunted (Review)

Up until this book, the character of Eve was completely off-screen. Anything we knew about her was from the memories of other characters. So it was nice to get a chance to get to know her in her own words, and to open up another side of the series, to see a character who isn’t “just” plain old “good”.

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Broken (Review)

For really the first time in a while, this book brings the werewolf pack back into the thick of things. But what I think Armstrong did really well was integrated the werewolves in with the other characters that have taken centre stage the last few books, bringing them together to sort things out as a group.

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Haint Misbehavin’ (Review)

It was actually the book’s cover and title that caught my attention, even more so than anything else. It looked different from most YA books that I’ve read lately, a bit less “realistic”, so I went for it.

Sadly, I wasn’t all that impressed in most ways. The storyline was pretty cliche, as was the “mean older sister”, “awkward girl with crush on hot lifeguard”, and “poor misunderstood protagonist” tropes. These were all played out right from the beginning to the end, and at times each was rather irksome because it felt like they overrode the whole rest of the novel and all of the main action.

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