Bone, Volume 1: Out of Boneville (Review)

I’ve heard about the Bone series before, particularly when teachers discuss graphic novels in the classroom and getting reluctant readers (particularly boys) to pick something up and enjoy it. Last semester, the “literacy” courses at my school both read this book, and even the toughest, most anti-reading students loved it!

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Breaking Dawn (Review)

I had known even before I read the series that the last book, Breaking Dawn, had caused a whole lot of controversy among the Twilight fans, though I hadn’t really known why. Now that I’ve finished reading them, I decided to go looking to find out why people disliked it; here’s a really good summary of most of the major “problems” that some readers have with Meyer’s ending to the story.

Honestly? I rather liked it.

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New Moon (Review)

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like other kinds of supernatural things, not just vampires. But, when I’m expecting a vampire story, why do I then have to read through almost 400 pages with very few mentions of vampires, not to mention having to learn a whole new set of supporting characters?

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