The Iron Queen (Review)
reviews / October 28, 2014

I really liked this book. It seemed almost as if it was written as the end of a trilogy, the way that the characters really grew into their strengths and struggled to defeat their weaknesses, coming together in the end. And yet it isn’t really the end! That made it all the more exciting for me, because it meant that there would be more adventures in the same book-world to come.

The Iron Daughter (Review)
reviews / October 27, 2014

This book fleshed out the major groups in the series a bit more for me. Since this is the first series about the fae that I’ve really gotten into, my knowledge of the whole “Seelie/Unseelie court” thing was very much lacking. So I found that aspect of the plot an interesting distraction from some of the more mundane things going on.

Winter’s Passage (Review)
reviews / October 27, 2014

I didn’t read this novella until after I had read another book in the series, so I knew something that happened, but didn’t know exactly what until I came back to it.

The Iron King (Review)
reviews / October 27, 2014

I had heard tons of great things about this series a few years ago when it first came out, but I kind of ignored it. I tend to stay away from the uber popular YA series (or one-off books) when they first come out. Maybe it’s the hype I try to stay away from? Or maybe it’s because I always have so many books that I plan to get to, that they get pushed to the bottom of the list? I’m not sure.