Captivate (Review)
reviews / November 14, 2014

I really liked the direction that the series went with this book. With the arrival of Astley and another set of pixies, Zara and her friends and family are forced to confront their prejudices towards pixies. They’re also forced – particularly in Zara’s instance – to confront the choices they made when they imprisoned her father and his pixies in the house.

Need (Review)
reviews / November 14, 2014

I totally fell in love with Zara right from the first page. She’s a little neurotic, always repeating the words for phobias to herself, and a lot depressed over the death of her stepfather. All that did was endear me to her.

Faery Tales & Nightmares (Review)
reviews / November 7, 2014

I stumbled on this book in my public library last summer, and decided that I needed to read it immediately. I loved the Wicked Lovely books, and any chance to read more of Marr’s writing was a welcome one.

Desert Tales (Review)
reviews / November 7, 2014

I was originally under the impression that this book – and the graphic novels it was based on – told the stories of a few of Keenan’s former Winter Girls. Rather, it follows just one: Rika.

Darkest Mercy (Review)
reviews / November 6, 2014

I kind of didn’t want to read this book. Not because I didn’t want to know what happened – I did – or because I wasn’t enjoying the series – I definitely was – but because I didn’t want it to be over. That’s the problem for me with reading series: they last longer, but they still end, and when they do, you’re more invested in the characters than you normally are when reading a standalone novel.