The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (Review)

After reading the monstrosity that was the Fifty Shades trilogy, I decided that I should clean my brain out with some “good” BDSM-based erotica. I remembered reading the Beauty series when I was younger – much younger, probably near the end of high school – and thought that I’d give them a re-read, both for my own personal reading and to review in comparison with E.L. James’ books.

I have to say … apparently I liked them better in hindsight.

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Fifty Shades of Grey (Review)

I’m going to start out by saying: my inability to just sit my ass down and write the reviews of this series are why I haven’t blogged in the past month. I keep pushing off my blogging schedule by another week, because I refused not to review these books … but I also couldn’t make myself sit down and write them. So I apologize in advance if they’re a bit disjointed and substandard as reviews, but I just need to dive in and get them over with.

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Belinda (Review)

I have to say, the whole 16-year-old falling in love with a 40-something-year-old story line really threw me at first. The story at that point is told from Jeremy’s point of view, so the reader could see his reasoning behind things, but … still. Since I stuck it out and kept going until the end, I understood the reality of the situation, and also saw the various relationships presented in the book with large age gaps (not only between Belinda and Jeremy), but some readers might be thrown too far by it early on and give up before getting to the real meat of the story.

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