Skinny (TLC Tour Review)

I’ve read quite a few books that touch on eating disorders over the past year, and so when the chance to read this one came up, I jumped at it. It seemed to have a twist – the whole weight-loss camp thing. The idea of weight-loss camp both intrigues and disgusts me – I guess it’s sort of like “ex-gay” camp for me that way. I both want to know what on earth goes on there, and want to shake people back into their senses and stop sending small children there. So I just had to try reading Skinny.

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Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain (Review)

In Unbearable Lightness, de Rossi re-tells her story of becoming a child model, and later of her success as a Hollywood actor. Specifically, she talks about her relationship with food – how it changes throughout her life, and how it defines the way that she lives. It’s obvious to the reader from very early on that this relationship is unhealthy, and yet de Rossi continually defends her choices and beliefs.

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Pre-Release Review: Hunger

This one actually rather surprised me.

Lisabeth, the main character and narrator of Hunger, has a serious problem with food: she’s anorexic and in denial. Well, sort of. She recognizes that she has a problem with food, but only to herself.

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