Spider’s Bite (Review)
reviews / December 29, 2014

Months back, I really enjoyed reading Estep’s Mythos Academy series. I liked her writing and the way she built her characters, which for me is an important aspect for a series. I generally like the characters enough to want to see more of them, rather than being more interested in the plot or anything else.

Blood Debt (Review)
reviews / November 28, 2014

Not only is this the final book in the series, but it’s also the only book in which Vicki is a vampire. Plus, the setting isn’t Toronto anymore. It’s a whole new ball game!

Blood Pact (Review)
reviews / November 28, 2014

I don’t normally like zombie stories, but on occasion I give them a shot anyways. In this case, I started reading Blood Pact without knowing that zombies would be involved. I would have read it anyways, though, since it’s part of a series that I was enjoying. And, as it turns out, there are some rather important things that happen in this book that you need to know in order to read the final book in the series, so … I guess too bad for you if you don’t like zombies.

Blood Lines (Review)
reviews / November 28, 2014

To be honest, I kind of felt like this book wasn’t of the same caliber as the rest of the series. I enjoyed some of it, particularly the mythology and magic tying the case to ancient Egypt. Otherwise, though, I felt like it was maybe a bit too much of a stretch. Not that any of the series is particularly supposed to be “realistic”, but I just didn’t find the antagonist to be all that interesting, never mind plausible.

Blood Trail (Review)
reviews / November 28, 2014

The first thing I thought when I started reading this book was that I was so over the whole vampire and werewolf storyline. It’s just been done to death. Once I got into the story, though, I realized that it would be different than the others.