Go the F–k to Sleep (Review)
reviews / April 20, 2012

I read about half of this book at a friend’s house, months back, shortly after it became an internet sensation. Then I saw this audiobook version, free, on Audible, so I downloaded it. Because seriously – Samuel L. Jackson! And then I promptly forgot to actually listen to it.

Armchair Audies – I’m listening!
events / April 17, 2012

I loved Overreader‘s description of the Armchair Audies so much that I’m stealing it. Here ya go: It’s Armchair Audies time! What’s that? Never heard of them? Well, they’re new. The Audies are annual “awards recognizing distinction in audiobooks and spoken word entertainment” and are awarded in June. There are 29 categories and 5 contenders in each category, so that’s a lot of audiobooks. Rather more than even an audiobook maniac like myself can handle, so to get a handle on them all, blogger Literate Housewife spearheaded the Armchair Audies. Interested bloggers will listen to everything from one (or more) categories and give their opinions. I’ve loved audiobooks for quite some time now, but I’ve definitely been getting more and more into them. According to my nice, sparkly spreadsheet, last year (2011), 46% of the 93 books I read were audiobooks. This year, 73% of the 15 books I’ve read so far (yeah, yeah, I’m slowing down … so sue me) have been audiobooks. And yet, somehow, I don’t think I’ve haven’t listened to any of the books in the Audies nomination list! (Though I had one of them downloaded already, and a few that I’ve been eyeballing.) So anyways…